Review the list of the officers and board members during the early years (1985 – 1997).

The DET/CHE annual conference typically takes place in the week following Thanksgiving, moving between Northern and Southern California locations. The first DET/CHE conference was held in 1986; 2020 marks the 35th annual DET/CHE conference. The table below provides historical information on conference location, theme, and keynote speakers, though note that not every conference has designated a theme or featured keynote speakers. In 2018, DET/CHE adopted an organizational theme of Innovation – Inspiration – Community which serves as an enduring conference theme.

Where available, the Resources column of the table provides links to:


Conference website




Photos (thanks to Bruce Horn, unofficial DET/CHE photographer)


Video recordings of presentations – with an access passcode if needed


Online program, presentation materials, and attendee information (2017 & beyond)


Presentation materials (2016 & earlier) 

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(Please note: links to resources below are being updated.) 

YearLocationConference ThemeKeynote SpeakersResources
2022Sacramento Marina Aminy
Cristi Ford
Link to 2022 conference website2017 Conference Photos
2021OnlineAnika Anthony
Jenn Stringer
2020OnlineFrank Harris III
Viji Sathy
Kelly Hogan
Tom Tobin
2019San DiegoKevin Kelly
Sabba Quidwai
Katie Linder
Link to 2019 conference websiteLink to 2019 conference schedule and presentation resources
2018MontereyMarcia Chatelain
Chuck Dziuban
Link to 2019 conference websiteLink to 2019 conference schedule and presentation resources
2017Costa MesaRacing to the Horizon: Success for All StudentsPhil Hill
Bonni Stachowiak
Jon Landis
Link to 2017 conference websiteLink to 2017 conference schedule and presentation resources2017 Conference Tweet Archive2017 Conference PhotosDET/CHE 2017 videos
2016Los AngelesRethink | Retool | RebuildKyle Bowen
Adam Finkelstein
Allison Dulin Salisbury
Link to 2016 conference website2016 Conference Presentation Materials2016 Conference Tweet ArchiveDET/CHE 2016 recordings
2015MontereyDiscovering Pearls of WisdomTanya Joosten
Gordon Freedman
Frank King
Link to 2015 conference website2015 Conference Presentation Materials2015 Conference Tweet Archive2015 Conference PhotosDET/CHE 2015 recordings
Video Passcode: det/che2015
2014Long BeachSea Change: Sailing the Turning Tides of TechnologyEden Dahlstrom
Ken O’Donnell
Candace Thille
Link to 2014 conference website2014 Conference Presentation Materials2014 Conference Tweet Archive2014 Conference PhotosDET/CHE 2014 recordings
2013San JoseHigh Tech High Touch: Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Human ConnectionsMilton Chen
Gardner Campbell
Bill Treasurer
Link to 2013 conference website2013 Conference Presentation Materials2013 Conference Tweet ArchiveDET/CHE 2013 recordings
Video Passcode: DET/CHE2013
2012Marina del ReyCharting New Waters: Get the Right Tools to Keep Higher Education on CourseSusan Metros
Bill Rankin
Larry Cooperman
Link to 2012 conference website
2011San FranciscoBuilding Golden State Bridges: Raise the Bar on Your NetworkRichard Katz
Steve Hargadon
Ian Temple
Link to 2011 conference website2011 Conference Photos
2010San DiegoEndless Possibilities: In Search of the Perfect Wave of the FutureHoward Rheingold
Malcolm Brown
Jason Ediger
Link to 2010 conference website2010 Conference Photos
2009OnlineMoving Beyond the Horizon: Leveraging Educational Technology in a Challenging Higher Education EnvironmentBernie DodgeLink to 2009 conference website
2008SacramentoCapitalizing on Educational TechnologiesCarol Stillman
2007Santa BarbaraEnabling the Academic Mission of a Digital WorldAndrew Milne2007 Conference Photos
2006San FranciscoTechnology, the Digital Gold RushHerb Zettl
2005RiversideLearning Technologies: Yesterday, Today, TomorrowJason Ediger2005 Conference Photos
2004BerkeleyEducation is the Internet killer application of the 21st centuryDavid Houle2004 Conference Photos
2003Long BeachTechnology Leadership: Navigating the Tides of Change2003 Conference Photos
2002San JoseThinking Outside the BoxAndy DiPaolo
2001San Diego2001: A Technology OdysseyKenneth C. Green
Mark Valenti
2000Sonoma CountyFifteenth AnniversaryChristopher Salter
1999PasadenaPreparing for the New Millennium: Global Digital Learning Infrastructure and Its Impact on Education
1998Santa CruzPartnerships and Opportunities
1997Lake ArrowheadDiane Vines
1996MontereyCreating Learning ConnectionsDaniel Niemeyer
1995Santa BarbaraTenth AnniversaryWally Knox
1994San Jose
1993RiversideExpanding Our Vision: Connecting the ElementsSalvatore Rotella
1992NewarkNew Technologies, New Management Techniques: Plugging into the Electronic FutureBernard Gifford
1991San DiegoJames Grier Miller
1989PomonaDavid McElhatten
1988Santa Cruz
1987San Diego