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DET/CHE is a dynamic organization providing professional growth for its members. The group is a major force in bringing together public and private colleges and universities throughout California to share ideas and advance the fields of instructional technology, multimedia, and open learning.

The members are interested, professionally and personally, in innovative applications of technology to support teaching and learning.The DET/CHE annual conference typically takes place in the week following Thanksgiving, moving between Northern and Southern California locations. 

The first DET/CHE conference was held in 1986; 2020 marked the 35th annual DET/CHE conference. 

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Looking for fearless leaders, shakers, and movers, who can reimagine the higher education landscape.

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Yes, we love technology. But our learners' experience and our goals come first.


No matter what role or responsibilities you have on-campus, we want you to join our DET/CHE Family.

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We wouldn't be an educational technology conference without our desire to explore new ways to integrate technology in meaningful ways,

January 1993 By Bill Broderick and Henry Burnett

The Early History Of DET/CHE

At the annual meeting of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday, January 22, 1985, Dr. William A. Broderick, Director of Learning Resources at San Diego State University made one of the final presentations of the conference. At the conclusion of his presentation, Dr. Jerry Gordon, Director of Media Resources at the University of California, Riverside, went up to introduce himself. As they talked, Broderick and Gordon quickly came to realize that…

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DET/CHE was founded in 1985 by media directors who felt a need to discuss shared work interests and problems which were not being addressed by existing professional media organizations. Today, DET/CHE is comprised of a membership cutting across all segments of California higher education – Private Colleges and Universities, the University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges.

Drivers of Educational Technology / California Higher Education provides a unique forum for focusing on common management concerns within academic computing, instructional technology, media services, and distance education across all levels of higher education.


  • To provide an organization and identity for managers of campus-wide educational technology services.
  • To provide for an exchange among members of ideas and information relating to educational technology.
  • To provide professional growth among members.
  • To advocate statewide leadership that facilitates teaching and learning through the use of educational technology based upon proven research.
  • To identify the uniqueness of roles played by the manager of educational technology services.
  • To determine standards against which educational technology services can be measured and evaluated.
  • To encourage interaction with teaching programs in educational technology.
  • To provide information about educational technology to appropriate governmental agencies and legislative bodies.



The board meets online monthly and in person prior to the annual conference. DET/CHE also holds an annual members’ meeting at the close of each annual conference. 

Current/Past Board

The board meets online monthly and in person prior to the annual conference. DET/CHE also holds an annual members’ meeting at the close of each annual conference. 

Conferences Are Our Main Focus

We have plans to put together a mix of in-person events, virtual sessions, and hybrid-models in an effort to promote member participation. 


DET/CHE is governed by a board of directors following the organization’s by-laws

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Come help us shape DET/CHE today. For additonal information, please contact detcheconference@gmail.com.

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questions about DET/CHE membership

Yes, there is a $75 fee to maintain membership if you do not plan to attend the annual conference.

Membership includes access to the DET/CHE listserv for year-round discussion and access to the DET/CHE Leadership Program.

Please fill out this form to submit your information. You will be contacted shortly – stay tuned!

To update your contact information, please contact Liesl Boswell at detcheconference@gmail.com.

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