The DET/CHE President is the chief administrative officer of DET/CHE

  • Presides at all meetings of DET/CHE, including meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • Chairs Executive Committee, consisting of President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer;
  • Ensures that these committees are performing their duties:  Membership Committee, Election Committee, Program Committee, Awards Committee, Web Site Committee, Emerging Technologies Committee;  Appoints ad hoc committees with the approval of the Board of Directors as needed; and
  • Responsible for leading and overseeing the affairs of DET/CHE, including, but not limited to:
    • communication with membership
    • performance of duties by Administrative Manager and all Board officers
    • adherence to DET/CHE By-laws

The DET/CHE Vice President is the President Elect and the Program Chair for the Annual Conference

  • Leads the Board when the President is not able to be present;
  • Plans the Annual Conference and is responsible for the Program Agenda and selection of Speakers;
  • Trains under the President and Administrative Manager to manage the next fall conference and fill the future presidency;
  • Develops the local conference planning committee with help from the Administrative Manager and President;
  • Provides updates to Board meetings regarding conference planning progress;
  • Maintains interaction with the Executive Committee pertaining to relevant issues and future presidential concerns;
  • Encourages recruitment, along with the President and Administrative Manager, and helps thereby to guide Regional Directors;
  • Reports on the trends resulting from an analysis of the conference evaluation forms filled out by attendees and sponsors;
  • Represents DET/CHE at any external venue in the President’s absence;
  • Works with the Administrative Manager in collaborating with the Executive Committee and planning committees for any events;
  • Requests the assistance of the Administrative Manager and Treasurer for Conference Registration processes;
  • Maintains the stamina to be President the following year, when he or she will guide the next VP/Program Chair!

The DET/CHE Treasurer maintains the organization’s treasury 

  • Receives all monies for and from memberships, conference registrations, donations, and other income sources;
  • Receives membership applications and conference registration forms along with Administrative Manager via RegOnline;
  • Deposits money in bank account and maintains the DET/CHE checking account;
  • Balances checkbook;
  • Provides a “checks and balances” system with 2nd person to collect money and reconcile checkbook [Treasurer’s administrative secretary is the 2nd person; he/she sees and accounts for all checks, statements and treasury items before they reach Treasurer’s desk];
  • Coordinates with the Administrative Manager to maintain the database of membership, fees paid, conference registrations, etc.;
  • Coordinates with the Administrative Manager to provide information to conference teams, send receipts to conference participants; analyze conference reports and makes fiscal recommendations for the future;
  • Provides written Treasurer’s report for each meeting of the Board and the membership;
  • Prepares annual (fiscal year) statement of income and expenses and balances; distributes report to membership at annual meeting; upon his/her absence, the Administrative Manager may do this;
  • Totals Gross Receipts at the end of each fiscal year, June 30, categorizing separately the gross receipts collected for memberships, conferences, sponsorships, vendors and prepare report;
  • Reconcile the checks that RegOnline sends DET/CHE and the Gross Receipts collected by RegOnline for DET/CHE;
  • Provides tax i.d. number on forms by request from institutions requiring verification;
  • Obtains W-9 forms from all payees who are paid over $600 before they are paid;
  • Sends 1099 forms by January 31 to payees over $600;
  • Sends IRS and Franchise Tax Board a 1096 Transmittal form with the 1099’s by the end of February; and.
  • Works with CPA to file tax returns to IRS and FTB for the fiscal year ending June 30 by November.

The DET/CHE Secretary records minutes of DET/CHE meetings

  • Attend and take minutes of all Board meetings.
  • Attend and take minutes of the annual membership meeting.
  • Seek someone to serve as the secretary in his/her stead to take minutes at a meeting if he/she cannot attend; let the President know in advance of the meeting who the substitute will be.
  • Submit meeting minutes to the DETCHE webmaster so they can be posted on the Web prior to the next meeting.
  • Carry out other tasks assigned through Board discussion or by the President.

The DET/CHE Regional Directors represent the Northern and Southern regions of California

  • Responsible for representing the issues and concerns of their regional constituency, whether North or South, on the Board of Directors;
  • Actively promoting membership within the constituency, either Northern Region or Southern Region;
  • Organizing the constituency, either Northern Region or Southern Region;
  • Organizing the constituency’s meeting and agenda at the annual DET/CHE meeting, especially if pertaining to issues in either the Northern Region or the Southern Region, or as those regions relate to DET/CHE as a whole.

The DET/CHE Director at Large represents additional constituencies

  • Responsible for representing the issues and concerns of the unrepresented constituency on the Board of Directors;
  • Actively promoting membership within the constituency;
  • Organizing the constituency;
  • Organizing the constituency’s meeting and agenda at the annual DET/CHE meeting.

The DET/CHE Corporate Sponsor Liaison works with industry sponsor-partners

  • Works with, and is dedicated to, private industry vendors to secure sponsorships that help defray the cost of the annual conference;
  • Collaborates with Conference Chair on logistical details of sponsor display area;
  • Works with Treasurer to ensure sponsorship payments are made in a timely manner and reports income;
  • Communicates with sponsors on conference logistical details and related issues.