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Proposals Due October 15th


The landscape of higher education is continually evolving, and it is vital for educators and institutions to leverage emerging technologies and innovative practices to enhance the teaching and learning experience.  This is even more so with the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as we are in a new era of technology and we (DET/CHE) have been and are higher education leaders at the forefront building technology foundations, driving transformational change, and emerging innovation.  With this in mind, we invite you to actively participate in our conference by submitting your proposals and taking advantage of early registration benefits.

We encourage passionate educators, staff, administrators, and professionals from diverse backgrounds to share their expertise, experiences, and innovative ideas with the broader educational community. Whether you have successfully integrated technology into your curriculum, conducted research in educational technology, implemented AI solutions in learning environments, or have any other insights related to DET/CHE, we welcome your proposal submissions.

Proposals may be for any of the following formats:

Lightning Rounds (8-10 minutes to showcase an interesting initiative, research, or concept)

General Sessions (20 minute presentations, clustered together by the conference committee into complementary topics)

Panel Discussions (30 minutes for a diverse group of colleagues you bring together to discuss a conference themed-topic)

Hot Topic Recording (5 to 10 minutes per-recorded sessions that will be uploaded to our website.  These sessions/presenters will be promoted & highlighted during the conference, yet not played. Rather our attendees will have access to watch at anytime on their own)  

Possible topics for proposals include (but are not limited to):

Innovations in Curriculum Design and Pedagogy

Academic Technology Strategy and Leadership

Educational Technology Tools and Applications

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Higher Education

Online, Hybrid, and Blended Learning Strategies

Innovative Learning Spaces and Environments

Technology-Enhanced Learning Initiatives 

Student Engagement and Support in Digital Environments

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in Ed Technology

Gamification, Immersive, and Interactive Learning

Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Education

Leveraging AI for Teaching and Learning

Data Analytics for Educational Improvement

All Course Delivery Modalities

Classroom technology and media services 

Mobile technology and ubiquitous learning 

Cost-effective and scalable technology solutions 

Building collaborations and partnerships

Mentoring, coaching, team building and morale 

Visionary and transformational leadership

And much more…


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