2022 | DET/CHE 37 Registration, Call For Proposals, And Scholarships – Oh My!

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Dear members and friends of Drivers of Educational Technology/California Higher Education (DET/CHE):

It’s that time of year again: we’re running to serve the needs of new classes, new students, and maybe a few new teachers.

And, we’ve all been to this rodeo before: Halloween will be upon us in no time, followed by Thanksgiving, followed closely by… DET/CHE!

Like our schools, we’re going to be back in person this year: our meeting will be at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento hotel from November 29th-December 2nd. Our vendor partners are stepping up to help make this all happen: the annual magic of our “family reunion,” the sharing of stories, following up on conversations from last year: “that thing you were working on… how did it work out?”

We use this gathering to pause and take a breath after a busy summer and a demanding return to campus. We refresh our relationships with our professional peers and our friends in the vendor community, and meet new colleagues and peers, learning about new practices and new solutions. And, we can share our experiences by doing a presentation, whether a quick lightning round, a panel, or other formats. Please reflect on the last year: surely something that you’ve put in place in the last year might save your colleagues some time and energy if you shared it with us!


Registration for DET/CHE today – only $325!

Early bird price of $325 will be available through Oct. 15th, and after, will increase to $400.

 Proposal Extension

We are extending proposal submissions to Oct 15th! Please submit your proposal today!


We also have a number of scholarships reserved for first-time attendees: please get in touch with Liesl Boswell (detcheconference@gmail.com) for additional information.  

We’re all looking forward to seeing everyone, oh, so very soon!

Bob Smith
DET/CHE President


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