Connecting Our Conference Community

The following platforms will be used this year to help us stay connected during the conference. 

Pronto is an easy-to-use communication platform that scales for large organizations.

It provides a means of synchronous chat/video/audio/images, much like your own group phone messages, with only course enrolled participants in your Pronto group. For additional guidance, please review this Pronto Tutorial support page. 

Only registered participants can access our Pronto space:

For support, please email:
Bob Smith

InSpace is designed to mirror the fluid, personal, and interactive nature of a real classroom.

It allows participants to break free of “Brady Bunch” boxes to create a fun, natural, and engaging environment that fosters interaction and collaboration. Each person is represented in a video circle that can freely move around the space. When people are next to each other, they can hear and engage in conversation, and as they move away, the audio fades, allowing them to find new conversations. As participants zoom out, they can see the entire space, which provides visual social cues. Teachers can speak to everyone when needed, move between individual students and groups for more private discussion, and place groups of students in audio-isolated rooms for collaboration while still belonging to one virtual space.

Stay tuned for additional information!